Solutions For Septic Pumping In Mission KS

May 6th, 2015 | Posted by Sarah D. Holman in Septic Pumping

The septic tank’s sole purpose is for waste water treatment, and given this function, maintenance every one to three years is necessary. Cleaning must be completed to remove septic tank sludge and scum build up. This maintenance will prevent more expensive problems on the drainage field lines.septic pumping mission ks

And while it is easier to look for solutions for septic pumping in Mission KS, it is recommended that task must be done by a bonded and licensed septic tank professional. Thorough removal of liquid and solid materials is accomplished by pumping and flushing between the septic tank and the pumping truck. The whole cleaning process depends on how dirty the tank is, it breaks up sludge and scum altogether.

The cleaning takes place through the opening of the manhole. Other openings have to be closed to ensure that thorough cleaning is done. The use of other openings may cause damage in the tank preventing the build up from entering the septic drain field. Ensure that baffles inside the tank are also inspected.

After the cleaning process, the only thing that should be found inside the tank is the black film on the walls and a small amount of liquid. The remaining bacteria in the film and in the liquid will help in starting the whole decomposition process again.

Other septic tanks are cleaned annually. This is true especially in garbage disposals as it a huge amount of solid wastes enter the system. Another case is when there are more people living in the residence than what the system was designed for.

Some home sites have aerobic wastewater systems installed in them. This kind is more efficient at solid decomposition, yet, just like any other tank, it still has to be cleaned periodically. No type of system has the capability to decompose all the waste materials that come into it.

Cleaning a septic tank on your own is a no-no. Combustible gasses are usually present and could cause severe damage to anyone. The safest way to address the maintenance is to hire a highly trained plumber in Mission, licensed and bonded professional to do the cleaning for you.

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