Running Toilets in Prairie Village Kansas

May 4th, 2015 | Posted by Sarah D. Holman in Plumbing Tip

“Name one common toilet problem.”

“Running Toilets in Prairie Village KS”

running toilets prairie village kansas

Not only running toilets waste water, it also wastes energy and is money consuming. Here are some reasons and what you can do about it.

  • Problem: Rubber Toilet Flapper

The number one cause of this toilet problem is the rubber flapper found at the bottom of the tank. This rubber flapper can get snagged on the flush chain, caught on its hinge or can become old and brittle. All of these reasons will stop it from fitting properly. There are also times when the rubber toilet flapper doesn’t seal the tank at all.

Solution: Take the tank cover off, flush the toilet and focus on the flapper. If you notice that it’s stuck on something, remove it. If it is not seating properly, wipe out any gunk off and see if it will already work. If all else fails, try to find a replacement part from your local hardware store.

  • Problem: Float

Another likely cause is the float. Once it is set too high or waterlogged, it will let the tank fill until water runs over the overflow tube.


Fixing this is easy. Simply adjust the toilet float level down so the water shuts off when it reaches about an inch below the overflow opening. You will notice however that not all toilet tanks are designed the same way. Others will require screws to adjust the float, while others have sliding spring clips, nevertheless, both are easy to figure out. If you see that the float has a leak and is full of water, a replacement from your local hardware store is necessary.

  • Problem: The Fill/Flush/Water/Tank Valve

Now if both the flapper and the float are working, then there is something wrong with the fill valve. Inside the tank is a water valve, functioning as the one which controls the water inlet for the refill cycle. When flushing, the water is released from the tank and if the valve is defective, the water will continue to flow. This symptom will normally cause leaks.


Try cleaning the valve itself. It normally sits on top of the tall column you will see inside the water tank. To avoid any water geyser, turn the water off first. The valve may be clogged so a simple cleaning or light whacking will do. However, if the valve looks terribly rugged, then a replacement is probably what it needs.

However, if the valve looks terribly rugged, then a replacement is probably what it needs. For a hassle-free fix, give your local Prairie Village plumber a call.

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