Running Toilets in Prairie Village Kansas

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“Name one common toilet problem.”

Running Toilets in Prairie Village KS

running toilets prairie village kansas


Not only running toilets waste water, it also wastes energy and is money consuming. Here are some reasons and what you can do about it.

  • Problem: Rubber Flapper

The number one cause of this toilet problem is the rubber flapper found at the bottom of the tank. This rubber flapper can get snagged on the flush chain, caught on its hinge or can become old and brittle. All of these reasons will stop it from fitting properly.

Solution: Take the tank cover off, flush the toilet and focus on the flapper. If you notice that it’s stuck on something, remove it. If it is not seating properly, wipe out any gunk off and see if it will already work. If all else fails, try to find a replacement part from your local hardware store.

  • Problem: Float

Another likely cause is the float. Once it is set too high or waterlogged, it will let the tank fill until water runs over the overflow tube.


Fixing this is easy. Simply adjust the float level down so the water shuts off when it reaches about an inch below the overflow opening. You will notice however that not all toilet tanks are designed the same way. Others will require screws to adjust the float, while others have sliding spring clips, nevertheless, both are easy to figure out. If you see that the float has a leak and is full of water, a replacement from your local hardware store is necessary.

  • Problem: The Fill/Flush/Water/Tank Valve

Now if both the flapper and the float are working, then there is something wrong with the fill valve. Inside the tank is a water valve, functioning as the one which controls the water inlet for the refill cycle. When flushing, the water is released from the tank and if the valve is defective, the water will continue to flow. This symptom will normally cause leaks.


Try cleaning the valve itself. It normally sits on top of the tall column you will see inside the water tank. To avoid any water geyser, turn the water off first. The valve may be clogged so a simple cleaning or light whacking will do. However, if the valve looks terribly rugged, then a replacement is probably what it needs.

However, if the valve looks terribly rugged, then a replacement is probably what it needs. For a hassle-free fix, give your local Prairie Village plumber a call.

commercial plumbing  in Homestead FloridaIt’s difficult to stay on top of what your employees or tenants are doing with the water in your building.  But knowing what you can do to save water (and money) with the plumbing in your commercial property is important.  That is why we’ve compiled a list of the top three ways to save water and cut costs at the same time. Here are some tips on commercial plumbing in Homestead Florida!

Harvest Rainwater

We’ve all heard about homeowners who collect rainwater in a tank that is used in their homes. It saves money, it is eco-friendly and the same principle can be applied to a commercial property as well.  If your building has a big enough roof and you have a high demand for non-potable water, then this is an option for you.  Collected rainwater can be used for urinals, sprinkler systems and laundry services.  The uses of rainwater doesn’t stop there though.  Any part of your business that requires non-drinking water can benefit from the use of rain water.

Adequate Maintenance

Leaking or worn pipes tend to go unnoticed because they aren’t directly visible.  Leaking pipes don’t always mean that there will be a burst pipe, much like older plumbing doesn’t always mean that there is going to be a flood.  But, ensuring that your plumbing is maintained adequately by professionals on an annual basis does guarantee plumbing longevity. Spend on commercial plumbing services in Miami because they are essential in keeping your properties in great condition.   This preventative maintenance allows plumbers to repair leaking plumbing, replace old pipes and ensure that your system is in great condition.

Educate! Educate! Educate!

Conserving water doesn’t only mean investing in water saving devices, but translates into practice as well.  Make sure that the tenants in your building or your employees are aware of the basic water conservation tips.  Posters, reminders and short seminars often do the trick in commercial buildings.  This way there is a better chance of you saving water and money in the process.

Read this article if your need tips when hiring commercial plumbers. Hoping you enjoyed today’s blog! Lastly, watch this video to learn how commercial plumbing installations are laid out!

Sewer Inspection in RaytownNo one really wants to think about climbing inside of the sewage to make sure that it is in good working order, so no one really considers it a vital part of home maintenance.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  While we all rely heavily on our sewage system on a daily basis, we don’t think to ensure that it is inspected or well maintained.  But why do you need to have sewer inspection?

There are a few reasons why you need to call in a professional for this job, so let’s look into a few common ones.

Tree Roots

Yes, this does really happen to sewage lines and it is a pretty common problem.  Roots can crawl into any tiny opening that it can find and expands inside the sewer line.  While it does this, it catches on to debris that is usually responsible for blockages like grease or other waste we prefer to forget about.  While there are chemicals that can kill tree roots, there is a good chance that they will reappear after a while.  You also run the risk of damage to the sewer line because of these roots, and a professional would be able to diagnose the best solution for you during the inspection.

Old Home Problems

Older homes have charm and nostalgia attached to them, but they also come with challenges of outdated architecture.  Homes that were constructed before city sewers were implemented relied on cesspools for waste disposal.  While many homes were attached to sewer lines once this was changed, cesspools were left intact.  These systems often disintegrate and collapse due to age, so having an inspection by your professional Raytown plumber before that happens saves you from dealing with a big mess.

garbage disposals in Golden Beach FloridaEnsuring the longevity of your Garbage Disposal is simple enough, and let’s face it, the garbage disposal is a vital appliance in homes across the country.  There are a few things that you can do to ensure that longevity of your Garbage Disposal as well as a few things to avoid doing entirely. Check out the dos and don’ts of using garbage disposals in Golden Beach Florida.


  • Keeping your garbage disposal clean maintains the lifespan of it, while also minimizing any nasty odours that might come from it. Pour some dish soap down the drain and switch on the garbage disposal for a few minutes while cold water runs.
  • Frequent use of the garbage disposal prevents rust from forming, so try using it as often as possible.
  • Grind food waste while running cold water at the same time. Cold water will solidify any grease or oil that gets diced up by the garbage disposal rather than it clogging up the trap in the plumbing.
  • Grind up citrus fruit peels! Oranges and lemons are natural deodorizer for garbage disposals so make sure that you’ll grind them, too.


  • Don’t be afraid to grind up small fish bones, egg shells or chicken bones. This will actually help clean the walls of your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t grind up anything that isn’t food! Non-food items will damage the blades and burn out the motor, so rather just toss them in the trash.
  • Don’t try and grind cigarette butts in your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t force too much food down the disposal unit at once. Feed it through slowly and in small amounts to avoid burning the motor out.
  • The most important don’t on this list though is don’t put your hand inside the garbage disposal! It doesn’t matter what you need to retrieve, it can’t be more important than an intact hand.

Just follow these valuable tips I shared above and you’ll surely prolong the life of your garbage disposal. If you need to install one for your home, check out this garbage disposal installation guide! Watch this video as well to get tips when repairing this plumbing appliance.

Annapolis Maryland backflow preventionThe plumbing in your home is a lot more intricate than you might imagine.  Water is coming in through your pipes, but something needs to ensure that all that flows freely is the water.  That is where the backflow prevention device comes in to play.  But what is the backflow prevention device and how does it work?

Simply put, the Annapolis Maryland backflow prevention device is used to protect the water that you drink, wash in and cook with from contamination or pollution.  You water supply is usually maintained with significant pressure that enables water to flow from your faucets.  When that pressure drops or is reduced when main pipes burst, freeze over or there is a much higher water demand than usual, the reduced pressure could let contaminated ground water slip through into your pipes.  The simplest and most effective way of preventing this backflow is by providing an air gap.

What does this air gap do for your plumbing?  It is a simple, open space between a device that connects to you plumbing system, like faucets or valves, preventing water from collecting in that space.

These are standard practice within all plumbing installations and most states require that there is a backflow prevention system in place to prevent contamination of the water supply.  Health regulations and legal requirements aside, it is the smart way to ensure that the potable water in your home remains clean and contaminate free.  There are specialized backflow prevention valves that are installed in strategic locations within your plumbing system.  But remember, only professionals are allowed to provide backflow preventer installation services so that means you can’t do the installation on your own. Protect the health of your family by ensuring that your backflow prevention system works as it should and have it inspected by professionals on a regular basis to avoid any nasty surprises.

I hope I have given you valuable information about backflow prevention. Read this article to learn more about the different methods and devices for the prevention of backflow. Don’t forget to watch this video below to get an in-depth illustration on how these devices work!

gas system in Burke VirginiaMost homeowners don’t think of the importance of knowing how to switch off the Gas System valve.  Waiting until an actual home emergency to try and find your gas shutoff valve is a big mistake.  And this is simply because not knowing where it is or what to do when you find it can just add to the stress of the situation.  That’s why you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the gas system shut off valve. Knowing its location may just save you from total disaster. Some things are worth learning before it is too late, like knowing where the gas shutoff valve is in your home.  Sure, these valves are usually tucked away in the creepiest, darkest part of your home.  But when an emergency strikes, knowing where to go saves time and possibly even lives!

There are usually two types of shutoff valves that you might find in your home.  There are main or master valves that stop the flow of gas to your entire household, or supply valves that stop gas flow to certain appliances.   Let’s start with the main shutoff valve.  This is also commonly known as the street-side valve because it’s found just before the gas meter.  When the long side of the handle is parallel to the incoming gas line, then you know it is open and gas is flowing.  When it is turned a quarter of the way toward the incoming pipe, it is closed.  The street-side valve needs to be opened and closed with a wrench and professionals and gas companies often warn against homeowners operating these valves on their own.  There are professionals for a reason, so use them to avoid disaster!

The house-side valve is usually located where the first gas line enters the home but is always located before the first appliance.  You can tell which pipe transports the gas to the home by the color of it – these pipes are black.  These valves are smaller and easier to handle on your own, but it isn’t advised that you mess around with the gas systems in your home unless you absolutely have to.  In the event of an emergency, knowing where they are and how to switch them off is valuable, but always leave routine maintenance on them to the professionals.

Hopefully, I have clearly showed how to shut off your residential gas system in Burke Virginia. If problems arise, don’t forget to hire professional gas system repair services provided only by trusted and licensed plumbing contractors.

Watch this video on natural gas safety tips!

water heater repair lee's summitWe rely heavily on our water heaters, even if we often forget how valuable these units are.  While many units are robust and durable, they do need repairs every now and then.  Whether you use a conventional tank system or have opted for the eco-friendly tankless system, both come with their own set of potential hiccups.  Knowing what to expect when your water heater needs to be repaired takes the stress out of having cold showers or worse, no water at all.

There are a few reasons why hot water heater repairs would be needed, but the most common is wear and tear.  Although these units usually have a life span that extends into the decades, they do run into a few issues along the way.  Two other common problems experienced by homeowners are loss of power and the water temperature fluctuating.  Here is what to do when either of these problems occur.

Loss of Power

Having an older unit also means that you have older electrical wiring in your home.  These don’t always cause issues, but occasionally these wires can get very hot and even burn off.  This is because the electrical wiring is connected to the top of your water heater.  Overtime, the insulation around the wires wears thin from the heat, and in rare instances, they can melt.  Wires that get hot can also cause the breaker to trip, leaving you in the dark.  When there is any loss of power or electrical failure, it is vital that you call in a professional to come and assist with the problem.

Water Temperature Fluctuates

Having warm water is wonderful, but sometimes that water can be too hot.  Inside the water heater is a heating element, and as the name suggests, it heats your water.  Occasionally this element can wear out and either stop warming the water or raise the temperature too much.  Temperatures that rise too quickly and too high can be repaired by simply adjusting the thermostat setting.  But if there is no warmth at all, then you might need to replace the element.  For complicated repairs like those, be sure to turn to your local Lee’s Summit plumber for assistance.

Three Things to Check in Your Plumbing System

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Miami plumber serviceI’ve had a chance to talk to with a few licensed Miami plumbers from Douglas Orr during their regular plumbing maintenance check.

They strongly advised that we keep an eye on leaks and stoppages. Here are three tips I learned during their visit:

  1. Ensure your overflow holes are open. Release flood openings when performing periodic checks for other problems and issues that might need to be serviced.
  2. Check any loosened tiles to see if they are indicative of water loss. Unfastened tiles are, in many cases, an indication of a drip; therefore, check to see if the tile gives at all when you apply force against it. You can anticipate problems more effectively if you pay attention to your tiles in advance.
  3. If you see a water line coming out of the discharge tube when setting up your new water heating unit, take the time to hook up that tube. It is undoubtedly a pipe for re-circulation, a process that enables your water to remain warm with little waste.

I’ve tried neglecting a thing or two and ended up paying a LOT after. It definitely pays to be careful and have scheduled maintenance checks instead of waiting for the problems to worsen. Just my two cents!

Anyway, stay tuned for more helpful tips that I’ve gathered from expert plumbers themselves!

Three Helpful Tips I Learned from My Local Plumber

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drain pipe repairYou’ll find that unexpected issues seem to arise when coping with plumbing for your Dade County residence.  Some of these matters can be fixed with ease, while others can be more complex.

Before calling the local Miami contractors from Plumbers911 it is essential that you are educated on basic piping maintenance so that the trouble can be addressed in a timely manner.

Here are three helpful tips I got:

1.  Regular maintenance is imperative if you wish to prevent future leaks.  A leak that is ignored may squander a big amount of water as much as a hundred fifty gallons per day!  Regular safeguarding can avoid wear and tear.

2.  Residential plumbing involves more skill than merely redirecting water from point A to B. Frequently, It is necessary to repair or clean water lines. You may encounter various issues,  big and small, but if these situations become too heavy to handle, then contact a plumbing professional to manage these for you.

3.  Based from experience, it’s better to be prepared than to resolve problems when they’re already there! Always check your plumbing for splits and leaks.  That means lesser expenses and lesser plumber visits. (*wink)