Green Plumbing Services in De Soto Kansas

kansas green plumbing contractorsThere are number of ways the green conscious homeowners amongst us can do our bit for the environment. With a few simple techniques, you can start saving money and the planet in no time.

  • Solar powered water system. Here in Kansas, we are blessed with plenty of glorious sunshine so why not make the most of it. Installing some solar panels on your roof or in your backyard will produce plenty of hot water for your family. Even when the sun goes behind the clouds, most systems have a backup feature that will keep your showers nice and toasty.
  • Collecting rainwater. Residents across the wider Kansas area should be taking advantage of the 992 mm of rainfall each year. By having a simple rainwater tank installed, you can exploit this free resource that can be used during the hot weather to keep your lawn looking its best or even keep your toilet flushing.
  • Grey water systems. Grey water is any water produced by the white goods in your home including your washing machine or bathtub. With a decent grey water system in your home, this water is filtered and can be used around the home at a later date.

If you really want to become as green as possible, you can get your plumbing system upgraded with the help of a De Soto professional plumber. Not only can you have the most “green” plumbing system possibly but it will be super-efficient as well – saving you money.

Going green will not only save you dollars but it will also improve the health of you and your family! Call a licensed Kansas plumber today at (816) 429-1638
to schedule a visit.


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