Why You Need a Routine Sewer Inspection in Raytown MO

No one really wants to think about climbing inside of the sewage to make sure that it is in good working order, so no one really considers it a vital part of home maintenance.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  While we all rely heavily on our sewage system on a daily basis, we don’t think to ensure that it is inspected or well maintained.  But why do you need to have a sewer inspection?

There are a few reasons why you need to call in a professional for this job, so let’s look into a few common ones.

Tree Roots

Yes, this does really happen to sewage lines and it is a pretty common problem.  Tree roots can crawl into any tiny opening in the sewer line and then grow inside. While it does this, it catches on to debris that is usually responsible for blockages like grease or other waste we prefer to forget about.  While there are chemicals that can kill tree roots, there is a good chance that they will reappear after a while.  You also run the risk of damage to the sewer line because of these roots, and a professional would be able to diagnose the best solution for you during the inspection.

Old Home Problems

Older homes have charm and nostalgia attached to them, but they also come with challenges of outdated architecture.  Homes that were constructed before city sewers were implemented relied on cesspools for waste disposal.  While many homes were attached to sewer lines once this was changed, cesspools were left intact.  These systems often disintegrate and collapse due to age, so having an inspection by your professional Raytown plumber before that happens saves you from dealing with a big mess. Call (816) 656-2524 today to schedule a visit.

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