The Dos and Don’ts of Using Garbage Disposals In Golden Beach Florida

garbage disposal repair MiamiEnsuring the longevity of your garbage disposal is simple enough, and let’s face it, the garbage disposal is a vital appliance in homes across the country.  There are a few things that you can do to ensure that longevity of your Garbage Disposal as well as a few things to avoid doing entirely. Check out the dos and don’ts of using garbage disposals in Golden Beach Florida.


  • Keeping your garbage disposal clean maintains the lifespan of it, while also minimizing any nasty odors that might come from it. Pour some dish soap down the drain and switch on the garbage disposal for a few minutes while cold water runs.
  • Frequent use of the garbage disposal prevents rust from forming, so try using it as often as possible.
  • Grind food waste while running cold water at the same time. Cold water will solidify any grease or oil that gets diced up by the garbage disposal rather than it clogging up the trap in the plumbing.
  • Grind up citrus fruit peels! Oranges and lemons are natural deodorizer for garbage disposals so make sure that you’ll grind them, too.


  • Don’t be afraid to grind up small fish bones, egg shells or chicken bones. This will actually help clean the walls of your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t grind up anything that isn’t food! Non-food items will damage the blades and burn out the motor, so rather just toss them in the trash.
  • Don’t try and grind cigarette butts in your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t force too much food down the disposal unit at once. Feed it through slowly and in small amounts to avoid burning the motor out.
  • The most important don’ton this list though is don’t put your hand inside the garbage disposal! It doesn’t matter what you need to retrieve, it can’t be more important than an intact hand.

Just follow these valuable tips I shared above and you’ll surely prolong the life of your garbage disposal. Hire a licensed Golden Beach, Florida plumber if you need help for your garbage disposal installation. Call (305) 887-1687 to schedule an appointment.

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