A 101 on Kansas City Backflow Prevention

Kansas City backflow plumberThe plumbing in your home is a lot more intricate than you might imagine.  Water is coming in through your pipes, but something needs to ensure that all that flows freely is the water.  That is where the backflow prevention device comes in to play.  But what is a backflow prevention device and how does it work?

Simply put, the Kansas City backflow prevention device is used to protect the water that you drink, wash in and cook with from contamination or pollution.  You water supply is usually maintained with a significant pressure that enables water to flow from your faucets.  When that pressure drops or is reduced when main pipes burst, freeze over or there is a much higher water demand than usual, the reduced pressure could let contaminated ground water slip through into your pipes.  The simplest and most effective way of preventing this backflow is by providing an air gap.

What does this air gap do for your plumbing?  It is a simple, open space between a device that connects to you plumbing system, like faucets or valves, preventing water from collecting in that space.

These are standard practice within all plumbing installations and most states require that there is a backflow prevention system in place to prevent contamination of the water supply.  Health regulations and legal requirements aside, it is the smart way to ensure that the potable water in your home remains clean and contaminate free.  There are specialized backflow prevention valves that are installed in strategic locations within your plumbing system.  But remember, only professionals are allowed to provide backflow preventer installation services so that means you can’t do the installation on your own. Protect the health of your family by ensuring that your backflow prevention system works as it should and have it inspected by professionals on a regular basis to avoid any nasty surprises.

I hope I have given you valuable information about backflow prevention. There are different methods and devices for the prevention of backflow but I believe that licensed Kansas City plumbers know more than me. Call one now at (816) 429-1638.

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