Issues And Common Hot Water Repair In Lee’s Summit MO

Lee's Summit expert plumbersWe rely heavily on our water heaters, even if we often forget how valuable these units are. While many units are robust and durable, they do need repairs every now and then. Whether you use a conventional tank system or have opted for the eco-friendly tankless system, both come with their own set of potential hiccups. Knowing what to expect when your water heater needs to be repaired takes the stress out of having cold showers or worse, no water at all.

There are a few reasons why hot water heater repairs would be needed, but the most common is wear and tear. Although these units usually have a life span that extends into the decades, they do run into a few issues along the way. Two other common problems experienced by homeowners are loss of power and the water temperature fluctuating. Here is what to do when either of these problems occur.

Water Heater Power Issues

Having an older unit also means that you have older electrical wiring in your home. These don’t always cause issues, but occasionally these wires can get very hot and even burn off. This is because the electrical wiring is connected to the top of your water heater. Over time, the insulation around the wires wears thin from the heat, and in rare instances, they can melt. Wires that get hot can also cause the breaker to trip, leaving you in the dark. When there is any loss of power or electrical failure, it is vital that you call in a professional to come and assist with the problem.

Water Temperature Fluctuates

Having warm water is wonderful, but sometimes that water can be too hot. Inside the water heater is a heating element, and as the name suggests, it heats your water. Occasionally this element can wear out and either stop warming the water or raise the temperature too much. Temperatures that rise too quickly and too high can be repaired by simply adjusting the thermostat setting. But if there is no warmth at all, then you might need to replace the element. For complicated repairs like those, be sure to turn to your local Lee’s Summit plumber for assistance. Call (816) 656-2524 to schedule a visit.

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