How To Shut Off Your Gas System in Boston

Boston gas system repairMost homeowners don’t think of the importance of knowing how to switch off the gas system valve.  Waiting until an actual home emergency to try and find your gas shutoff valve is a big mistake.  And this is simply because not knowing where it is or what to do when you find it can just add to the stress of the situation.  That’s why you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the gas system shut off valve. Knowing its location may just save you from total disaster. Some things are worth learning before it is too late, like knowing where the gas shutoff valve is in your home.  Sure, these valves are usually tucked away in the creepiest, darkest part of your home.  But when an emergency strikes, knowing where to go saves time and possibly even lives!

There are usually two types of shutoff valves that you might find in your home.  There are main or master valves that stop the flow of gas to your entire household, or supply valves that stop gas flow to certain appliances.   Let’s start with the main shutoff valve.  This is also commonly known as the street-side valve because it’s found just before the gas meter.  When the long side of the handle is parallel to the incoming gas line, then you know it is open and gas is flowing.  When it is turned a quarter of the way toward the incoming pipe, it is closed.  The street-side valve needs to be opened and closed with a wrench and professionals and gas companies often warn against homeowners operating these valves on their own.  There are professionals for a reason, so use them to avoid disaster!

The house side valve is usually located where the first gas line enters the home but is always located before the first appliance.  You can tell which pipe transports the gas to the home by the color of it – these pipes are black.  These valves are smaller and easier to handle on your own, but it isn’t advised that you mess around with the gas systems in your home unless you absolutely have to.  In the event of an emergency, knowing where they are and how to switch them off is valuable, but always leave routine maintenance on them to the professionals.

Hopefully, I have clearly shown how to shut off your residential gas system in Boston. If problems arise, don’t forget to hire professional gas system repair services provided only by trusted and licensed plumbing contractors. Call (855) 550-9911 today to schedule an appointment.

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